Newbie! ^^

I figured I wanted to do a blog where I can scatter my so random and so ambiguous thoughts. It doesn’t matter if not all people will be able to relate with my stories. But all I know someone out there needs to hear what I have to say.

I write things in my heart because I could not express myself very well in speech. Though my writings are so all over the places, I wanna keep learning and be a very good and excellent writer someday. My parents used to say that “There’s no money in writing. You have to get a high-paying job!” yeah yeah. Because I am a good daughter, obedience is my innate being. All i want to do is make them happy and so I follow. But you see, behind my loving-daughter facade is a very stubborn individual. I often say to myself that no one can be against me and my ULTIMATE dreams. Except of course when God separates me from it I have nothing against my almighty Father. He always has the last say in every action I make. But as far as I’m concerned God created me to dream Big. We all are designed to DREAM as  BIG as the UNIVERSE. It may seem impossible but atleast you’ll never have any regrets as you try to pursue what is impossible. Part of it are waterfalls of downfalls, waves of disappointments and mountains of disapproval. It’s part of life.

You’ll never get to live the life you were meant to live if you allowed fear to enter in your heart, mind and soul. (I should be preaching that to myself as well) Challenges will take place but we all have to fight. This is a battleground so take up your shield and sword and never be afraid.

See how random my thoughts are. I just sat here made signed up for wordpress and boom! My thoughts keep running. Oh well, i hope to write a better blog next time. Let’s read each others’ blog shall we?


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