No matter where we look, we always feel like we are at the losing end. We feel inadequate, we feel weak and helpless, we feel unheard. But why? Why do we keep on feeling these things which slowly destroy us? At some point, we wanted something more of what is given. We wanted to be part of history; the very reason why we never let are mouths shut. We keep on living even when we feel like life is a rubble. Yet in the end, it still feels like nothing was ever achieved. It’s empty.



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I just finished reading the book “The Alchemist” written by the famous, best-selling book author, Paulo Coelho. He started with Narcissus, a very vain individual who keeps on looking at his reflection at the lake for he fell in love with himself. However, it ended tragically because he fell and drowned himself until he died. I was contemplating this prologue after reading everything. Why would Mr. Coelho put Narcissism in the story of pursuing dreams? Is it because dreams are just vain-pursuit? You search for it because you want it and because you want your satisfaction to be realized. Going back to Narcissus story, maybe in the first place, he is a man of insecurities trying to cover his imperfections beneath that reflection of beauty. And because He wanted that beauty to stay, He never lose his sight off of it, until he drowned himself by his own beauty; a beauty that led him to die in vain. In the end, everything felt empty.

As you read along the prologue, the lake was weeping for Narcissus’ death. Though Narcissus spent more time with the lake than the other nature, the lake never noticed Narcissus’ beauty. He was weeping because the lake sees his own reflection of beauty in the eyes of Narcissus. And in those eyes, it was indeed beautiful.

The truth has been revealed that the beauty did not lie with Narcissus but it was the reflection, the lake, that made everything beautiful. Without the lake Narcissus would never noticed the greatness he possessed. And what’s more tragic about this story is Narcissus did not take one glance of the beauty surrounded by him. He was just focusing on himself and lost the chance of spending time with the beauty-giver; the lake.

I’ve come to realized that the answer to my question why do we always end up feeling empty? It’s because, just like Narcissus. at some point we fail to take our eyes off of ourselves and see the beauty we are surrounded with. Simply the beauty of life. We feel inadequate because we never realized how much full of life we have. We begin to feel weak and helpless because we are drowned by our own storms never noticing the strength being offered to us. We feel unheard because we wanted them to look at our own reflection and never noticed how beautiful and enticing others’ reflection are.

And even in the pursuit of our dreams, I was so reminded and convicted by Narcissus’ story to stop leaning over the lake and start standing to gaze upon the beauty of the lake, the colorful nature, and even the wind which cannot be seen. For such elements were provision to fulfill what is written in the book of life. We are never destined to go on our own. Along the way, we will be needing people, things, and etc. to realized those dreams. And as we reached that star, we look back and admit that life is never about US because without the creator we will never exist. The beauty-giver is also our dream-giver. As soon as we recognize HIM we are never in vain and it will never be empty for it was HIM who destined us to be there in the first place.

I wrote this not to be an advocate of “No to selfie”. My point is not about taking selfie pictures. (coz Im also guilty of taking selifes haha) My point is to make everyone who reads this to look at their lives and ask this question, “Am I like Narcissus?” Your answer is up to you.

Live selfie? or live freely?


The photo credits goes to google.



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