Face your Fear: The Free-fall Edition (Inspired at Sandbox)

Face Your Fear: The Free Fall Edition

Thank God for thanksgiving! Because yesterday was a holiday for US and the company where I am working is based on US, we had the chance to ease off from work and had that thing called “YOLO” (You Only Live Once.) So me and my officemates planned to go to Pampanga and visited the most exciting and adventurous place I’ve ever seen: THE SANDBOX.


If you haven’t been there yet, I encourage you to go see what they have in store for you. It is a place where you can release your hidden emotions, unsaid feelings or even just that wanting to face some of the greatest fears in your life. (insert evil laugh here) Sandbox is located in Porac Pampanga so if you don’t know where the exact address is, just google it or go to there website http://www.alviera.ph/sandbox/ for some information.

So here it goes, the most electrifying, heart-stopping, mind-blowing, rip-roaring EXPERIENCE in my entire life. If you are that kind of person who is fond of going to Star city and Enchanted Kingdom, well you might want to check out this spot, it’s totally made for you.

Here’s the list of rides you might want to try:


I’m going to rank them from the most thrilling one to not-so

  1. Free fall
  2. Giant swing
  3. Zip line roller coaster
  4. rappel wall
  5. climbing wall
  6. aerial walk
  7. mini golf

Ta-da! Haha Top on my list is the free fall. Keep reading if you want to know the reason why? Why???? WHYYYYY????? Im not here to scare you, it’s actually the other way around, I’m here to urge you not to miss this extreme activity ever! Of all the activities this was the most extreme yet it gave me a lens on what is it like to overcome your greatest fear. It was at that moment I realize why it is so important not to hold back and take that GIANT leap of faith.

So before you proceed to any of this activity, I want to assure you that you’re going to be safe because they’ll buckle you up, prepare you first and they’ll make sure you’re safe. (whew! That’s a relief) So when I was already dressed up with the cutest attire of an adventurer, first I had to condition myself and tell myself over and over again that there is no turning back.


So I was so happy and excited to bring it on! And then an ate who dressed me up told me to go upstairs 4th floor of that structure where the fun starts.

So I went ahead of my friends. As I got closer and closer to 4th floor my happy face started dripping off and slowly replaced with mixed feelings. I feel like I’m about to throw up but then I just encouraged myself not to step back. Haha! The show must go on. And then as I got there, wooooaaaaahhhhhh!!! The view was really overwhelming. You know the feeling when you’re downstairs watching everyone do that free fall and you feel like men it kinda seem easy so why not give it a try. But when I got there I became so nervous. I wasn’t shaking but thoughts seem to rage in my mind. What if my harness falls apart. What if kuya might forgot to buckle me up. What if I might die?!?!?!?! Hahahaha Now here comes the soft whisper of FEAR. It is soft yet it destroys your inner being. It slowly destroys the goal I have set in mind which is not to turn back. Now when it was my turn already (dun dun Dun DUUUNNN!!!) I was so afraid but the kuya right there is assuring me it’s going to be safe. I even told him “Kuya!!! I trust you ahh!!” hahahaha it already shows how edgy I was that time. So he buckled me up put a harness on my back I think it was the metallic thing that helps control my body as I fall down.

And then kuya told me to face backward and said “Ma’am pag binuksan ko na yung pinto wala ng atrasan at pakinggan mo lang ako.”(Ma’am when I open the door, there is really no turning back, just listen to everything I have to say.) Then I just said “okay po” So he opened the door my heart started to beat sooooo fast I couldn’t breathe. Then kuya said “Sige Ma’am harapin na natin ang katotohanan.” (Okay Ma’am It’s time to face the truth.)  So I face forward and oohhhh meeennn!!! It was so high. Imagine a building at 4th floor it was that high. So kuya said “okay ma’am labas onti ung paa step forward” (Okay ma’am move over the edge, step forward) And my feet was really at the edge already! Kuya kept saying I can just step forward or lean myself forward in downwards direction. But no matter how many times I tried I just couldn’t!!!


I was calm that time but the battle Is really inside my mind. I was even trying to calm my thoughts by appreciating the beauty of mountains in front of me. I started praising God with my thoughts until kuya said “Ma’am pag mas pinatagal mo pa sarili mo dito mas lalo ka lang matatakot., hanggang sa di mo na siya magagawa.” Boom! The longer you stay in that area the more you’ll be afraid and the more you’ll hold back from your destination.

I just felt like God spoke to me that time about fear. I know we all have that thing called fear. Fear is a disease that holds you back from doing what you are supposed to do. It prolongs your idleness, it stops your growth and with fear you will not get anywhere unless you overcome it. The only thing we need to do with fear is face them and spat on their faces and tell them “I can do it!” That time I feel like God is telling me to trust Him. Just trust Him. Just like how kuya has been motivating me over and over again. Until I get a hold of myself and embrace the fact I have to do it. I just trusted kuya, I trusted God and shut off that soft whisper of fear and replaced it with the shout of courage. Then boom! Leaned forward and fell down graciously and freely.


I tell you!!!! When I got down I told myself “buti na lang I listened to kuya”, because I’m going to regret this for the rest of my life if I did not take that step forward.


It was fulfilling because I did it and at the same time God gave me revelation on what fear can do to your life especially if you let it dictate you. Fear makes you stagnant. Fear cripples into your vein and makes you live like you’re already dead when in fact God wants us to experience life to the fullest, a life which is alive and kicking! He wants us to enjoy! Of course God is not a boring God who tells you go to your room and just pray this pray that or don’t talk to anyone just be boring. NO! God is a God who wants us to experience life with Him. A life of freedom from fear! A life that is full of excitement and adventure! A life that embraces people and some uncomfortable experiences! And become fulfilling once we overcome it.

And it says in 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. God doesn’t want us to live a life of fear for He has given us freedom! I also realize beyond that edge is where the fun begins. If we stay on our comfort zone we will miss out on God’s wonders. We will miss out on God’s perfect plan for you and me. So I encourage you to come at this place and do that free fall! I’m not pushing you, I just want to encourage you because the fulfillment is so great. Not to brag to the whole world of what you did but to just shoutout to everyone how courageous enough you were to overcome that small fear living inside of you. Hey we are an overcomer! So step out!


No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

And if you feel afraid once again just remember these words from your Father “So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deutronomy 31:6 When you listen to His voice He is sure to calm the waves inside of you and make you brave.


Photo credit goes to Ms. Victoria Dela Cruz

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