Waiting in the Shadow


“When you’re down, there’s no other way but to go up”

Thanks to my soul sister ate Ann. We had those late night talks about our life. We actually do that annually Lol, just every time we had the chance to meet. And she told me about the lowest point of her life. She felt lost. just like me, she also did struggle in finding the path after college. Whenever people would ask her about her plans after college, what’s she’s going to do, her answer was always “I don’t know” I was able to relate myself with her because I had those moments like hers. As they say, It’s always darkest before the dawn. I believe we all had those moments when we feel like nothing is ever happening. Or worse, when everything seems falling apart and it doesn’t make sense at all. When darkness seems to consume every part of us and still asking when will the light come? For how long will I wait to see that breakthrough coming? For how long will I suffer from this pain? Is it ever gonna come?

The darkest hour gives us two choices. Respond in complaint? Or in faith? Faith is being certain of the things we believe. And God is giving us that option whether we start believing even if we don’t see it or continue to complain despite God’s spoken promises in our lives. And as I listen to this woman, she responded in faith. She told me that maybe God let her experience those downfall moments so that when she receive her answered prayer, she will enjoy it to the fullest knowing it came from God and not from her own hands. And she even encouraged me to hold on to God. Respond in faith trusting that God’s timing is always perfect. And she did receive her breakthrough just in time. God provided an opportunity only meant for her for God opens door that no man can shut and He shuts door that no man can open. His sovereignty still prevailed.

I believe God’s word for me is to wait on Him. In every area WAIT ON HIM. SEEK HIM. God rewards those who earnestly seek him. If you’re single and still asking God when is that right person gonna come? Seek God and WAIT. Waiting season in which it means becoming the right person as well. Being molded by God daily, transforming you from glory to glory and teaching you everything you need to know. Waiting also means PREPARATION. You prepare yourself to receive that breakthrough by emptying your hands, humbling yourself before God and letting Him do the work. Believe God, it’s going to be priceless as you see it come along. If you’re like me, still searching for that job, ask God and seek His will. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Trust that God is doing something behind the scene. Whether He is preparing those people whom you’ll meet along the way, the perfect place you will be working in or the skills and attitude you will be needing in that kind of job. Everything God is working on it. All you have to do is trust HIm. He knows the plans he has for you.

One day, I’ll see myself soaring above the clouds and see everything unfold before my eyes hearing God say “I told you so.”


(Written when I was still finding a job)

Photo credit goes to google.


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