A Heart that Writes


A Heart that Writes

I’m Meryl Kate but I prefer to be called “MK”. I work in a BPO industry as an Accounts Payable Analyst. (Though I am not good in numbers) I am still in my early 20’s yet I aspire to reach my wildest dreams. My passion is more about creativity with music and words. As a slightly introvert person, reading books and writing regenerates my energy. But I also love to have coffee with people and talk about everything under the sun.

My purpose for this blog is to set an inspiration for people of different ages. This will be composed of womanhood, dreams, food and travel experiences, fashion insights, music, poetries and godly wisdom. I am fond of encouraging people and using positive words to lighten up their day. As a wanderer, I love seeing glorious mountains, sunset and diamond –like stars at night. Traveling inspires me to reflect about life which in effect helps me to write things inside my heart. I may not be good in speech (and I am working on it) but I can express myself more in scribbling my random thoughts.

As a writer, I will do my best to write in such a way that will loudly speak a part of my quiet soul. Let me impart my heart to you and read each others’ minds, shall we?

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