Reason to Live

Reason to Live

“Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope.” This quotation is from Rick Warren’s best-selling book “Purpose Driven Life”. This book has a lot of wisdom and truth regarding how we can live this world with a purpose. It is such an inspirational material which move me to change my perspective about life. This may be viewed as a religious material, but for me, this is more than just religion. It is discovering life in the hands of our Creator.

It is no doubt that this literary piece impacted me in so many ways. First, I learned that my life has a purpose. It’s funny as it may seem but I never really thought of living for a specific purpose. I lived life at the moment. I live at the present and often neglect the future I have ahead of me. And because of this mindset, my life was all over the place. There was no focal point. I simply followed the dictates of people around me. But this book fixed that broken perspective and put a period in my thought which says “You have a purpose.”

Second, more than knowing I have a purpose is knowing what I am called to do. I thought that life is about being successful in all aspects of life; that is to become financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually rich. However, I realized that none of those will suffice my reason to live on this Earth. This book made it clear for me that I am called to live not for myself but for God. It may sound so spiritual but life is meant to be spiritual and never physical. Whatever the human eyes see is just temporary but what lasts for eternity is something that cannot be seen. I realized that my Creator is my potter and I am nothing but a clay pot molded by His hands. If a clay pot is used differently from the potter’s purpose then it will never know the true meaning why it was created in the first place. Just to sum it up, this is one of my favorite books because I learned that I had a deeper reason for living. I am no longer swayed by how others would define the way I live. This book showed me there is a standard to follow and that is found in God alone.

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