The Quest of a Princess

The Quest of a Princess

Not so long ago, there was a simple princess who lived in a faraway kingdom. She lived happily with the King, Queen and two knights. Her family may not be the wealthiest but she was contented with just having a picture of a complete family. One of her greatest treasures lies in the bond of her loved ones.

Until one day, she had to go on a trip by herself. Her parents painfully sent her off to another Kingdom where she could gain richer knowledge and wisdom than the former land could give. In that journey, she learned how to stand up on her own. She pretended to be strong in daylight but unceasingly wept at nighttime. She isolated herself from her mates for a moment but also fought hard to associate with the society. As time went by, she slowly went out of her shell. And because of that, she discovered talents she has which could lead to blessing people. She loves to make melody with her voice. Whenever she hears the music, her body reflexes goes with the beat. Though she may not be good in speech, she can write things that is inside her heart. And those are the ways she can fully express herself.

She also did find out gifts that could uplift her environment. She loves giving light to downcast people. Sharing smiles and laughter are also her strength. Though her heart can be as fragile as a porcelain glass, she is not afraid to breakdown and be fixed over and over again. She may look timid on the outside but she is endowed with courage to dream as big as the universe. Despite the ebbs and flow in her journey, what kept her intact is her faith. She never stopped believing that all things work together for the good of those who love God. And she never hesitated to impart such conviction with her colleagues.

The quest of this princess in search for greater knowledge, wisdom and treasures hasn’t ended yet. Though she is still suffering the idea of being apart from her former Kingdom, the journey is continuously molding her. And one day she believes her beautifully refined golden heart will serve as an inspiration for all Kingdoms to see.



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