Dear 14 year-old MK

Dear 14 year-old MK,

How is it going? I know being a high school student is one of the best stages in life. It is always fun to be with your crazy friends and do some crazy stuff. But let me remind you, you are now becoming a lady. You are no longer that kid who can play hide and seek with boys. You are so through with those games, right? Though you slowly distant yourself with boys, you also rapidly develop unknown feelings that must be kept inside instead of said out loud. Those little chit chats on social network can be a little harmless but opening yourself up carelessly can be harmful. At your age, I know you wouldn’t understand yet but as you grow older you’ll soon realize.

Keep up your academic standing inside your class. I know you have a lot of things to offer. You are smart, talented and a beautiful young lady. It is no doubt why you were elected as an officer in your student body council. Popularity is out of your league but it is your simplicity and joy that attracts students of different levels. I know it’s hard to keep up with the pep squad practices after school and late night choir rehearsals. Yes you are jam packed with so many activities yet I admire how you managed to pull off everything. Not to mention, they said you also take part in the school newspaper as a literary editor. Just seeing you thrive makes me wonder that life ahead of you is going to be great.

However, I heard that you entered in a relationship with some guy older than you. Am I right? Well if it is, then I wouldn’t advise you to follow your heart. Please think carefully and be wise. Having a boyfriend is more than giggles and laughter; it is being true to your commitment. Well knowing you, I know you wouldn’t enter into something you are not serious of. If this is serious then, I would want you to take it slow girl. You still have a lot of time to be with that special someone. I understand that he can be your source of inspiration but what if you ended up not being together. As innocent as you are, I am afraid you would break your heart apart. I see your heart as pure yet fragile, so please guard it. Pain can be a part of our growth but do not let any man trample on your heart. Your worth is far beyond any sweet words that can lure you. Your worth is greater than a diamond which cannot be easily obtained. Please know yourself and know what you are really made of.

Right now focus on what matters most and that is your education. You are a student and your role as of the moment is to study hard. Well you are doing an amazing job in this area. Your mom said that you usually wake up every 4 o’ clock in the morning just to study and stay up late just to finish your home works. Good job! But let me also remind you that grades will never define who you are or what you can be in the future. What is important is that you gained knowledge and wisdom and actively apply it in your life. You use your head pretty well at times but when it comes to your heart you must let your mind lead you through it.

And lastly, I just want to know how everything is going with your faith? I know you don’t pray a lot. You always forget because you are tired from school. It feels awesome to have accomplished many things in your high school but sad to say all these things will just be a memory. It will all fade away with its season. So put your hope on things that will last. Get to know who God is because He is your shield in this journey. Life did not promise everything will always fall into place, it promised that in this world there will be troubles. But be courageous, God has already taken care of everything. So put your hope in Him. Whether you are at your teenage years, adulthood or married life, one thing that will never change is God in your life. Things will always change but God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I think I have said everything that you need to know at this time. You’ll still learn many things as you grow older. Promise! I have been there and done that.



Your 21 year-old self

One thought on “Dear 14 year-old MK

  1. Hi MK! I enjoyed so much reading your letter… we both have the same experienced when I was in my high school. It was really pretty fun and exciting!!! I was surprised you have shared a bit about your past relationship… Well, It’s okay… I know you are a smart girl… 🙂 Keep up the good work MK! Love you, Ate Athena 😉

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