The Bittersweet moment of Waiting

*text message*

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Guy: hey babe I’ll be there in 10 mins, get ready for our dinner date. πŸ™‚
Girl: okay babe

*Guy has arrived at her house. He rang the doorbell and her dad opened the door for him*

Guy: good evening sir I’m here to pick up your daughter for our date.
Girl’s dad: good evening come in she’s already preparing.
Guy: okay thank you sir

*guy waited in the living room and had a little chat with her dad*

30mins later

Girl’s dad: honey! Don’t keep the boy waiting.
Girl: yes daddy I’ll be downstairs, just a sec!
Girl’s dad: sorry you had to wait this long my daughter has been preparing for hours and yet she’s still not done. Haha!
Guy: it’s okay sir as they say best things come to those who wait hehe
Girl’s dad: good thought!

*finally the girl gracefully walked down their staircase. With her beautiful dress and elegant facade, the guy dropped his jaw in amazement. His eyes sparkled like seeing a diamond in display. How lovely this lady is.*

Girl: ahmmm say something guys! How do I look?
Guy: you look ahmmm *speechless*
Girl’s dad: you look perfect darling. *kissed in the forehead*
Girl: thanks daddy! We’ll be home before midnight. Shall we?
Guy: oh yeah! Yes sir I will bring your daughter home safe and sound,
Girl’s dad: thank you and enjoy the night you two lovebirds.

The guy led the girl outside the house and opened the car door for her. Before she even got in…The guy whispered in her ears.

Guy: by the way thank you for preparing this long, you look stunningly beautiful. *kissed her cheeks*

Okay, calm down ladies and gents! I know you guys are giggling after reading that short dialogue above. Haha I also had butterflies in my stomach as I wrote that scene.

The very reason I came up with that short story was because I kept asking God about how waiting season should be. I’m not just referring to boy-girl relationship but in all walks of life. There may be some things in our life that God is asking us to wait. May it be healing, financial breakthrough or that life long dream. But why does He kept asking us to wait? Why not receive it right then and there?

I loved how the guy did not complain about her girlfriend. Some guys who are not patient enough would throw tantrums. They would pressure their girl to hurry up. But as for him, he waited in silence and excitement. How many of us would respond the same way as the guy did? For me, honestly, I am guilty as charged. There are times I complain when I don’t see any progress or when God seem silent. If I were the guy on that scene maybe I already invaded the girl in her room and pulled her downstairs. Harsh! But this guy knew that in waiting is where best things come. He understood how it takes long for something beautiful to get done. Same thing with what God is doing in our life. He may ask us to wait because He is preparing something greater than we could ever imagine. Think of all the things you’ve been praying for for years. You might not have received it yet but God is saying be still because the preparation will be over soon. One day He will place it on our platter and enjoy every single bite of His best. If God is asking you to wait, be excited! Like a little girl who eagerly waits for her daddy’s present. We don’t want to receive something that is half done right? We want well-cooked, well prepared, well thought of and that is how God is with us.

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(c) Victoria Dela Cruz

However, sometimes I admit it’s hard and painful. Have you ever utter words like “till when will I wait Lord?” , “is it ever gonna come?”, “are you really preparing the best?” Or “should I just give up?” , “I’m tired of waiting Lord” *with tears* I have said those lines over and over to God. But I also am reminded of Abraham when God promised Him in that cold and starry night that He will be a father of many nations. Imagine Abraham receiving his promise the following day. “Ah okay eto na yun Lord? (Is this it?)Β  Thanks!” Maybe he would responded with “just O-kay” lifeless word. But what did God make Him do? He and his wife Sarah waited for years and years until she bore a son. God did not promise he will be a father of one nation but MANY. A great number cannot be prepared over night. God needed Abraham to wait and prepare himself to receive the promise. He needed to go deeper and deeper in His relationship with Him. He needed to be trained by leading his wife first, his family and the people around him. He needed to increase his faith every single day. If God has given you a promise, prepare yourself to receive even if it means waiting.

If you have read his story, you will see the struggle they went through as husband and wife. His wife became impatient and persuaded him to have a son from his servant (Hagar). These people in the bible are just like us imperfect and impatient. Things can go wrong when we meddle in the plans God has for us but because He is sovereign He can make our destiny right. His faithfulness is not based on us. He is faithful and will remain faithful because that’s who He is. Even when we doubt and disobey God is still faithful to his promise. And finally at their old age, they received what God had promised Isaac. He did not delay, He was just right on time when Abraham was REALLY REALLY ready to be a Father of MANY nations.

God knows our deepest desires and he is mindful of that. “Is this what you are asking for? Okay, but is it okay if I ask you to wait for bit? I will make it even more beautiful and worth it. Trust me” His will is not to torture us but to prepare us that when we receive what He has promised it will be worth it. That man or woman of your dreams you’ve been praying for, God says wait, I’m preparing you both. That dream job, God says wait I’m preparing your skills. That dream holiday vacation, just wait I’m preparing a grandiose one. And one day God will put off that blindfold and say “okay honey in the count of 3 open your eyes okay…1……2……3!!!!! Surprise!!!!!”

Once you see it, tell me was it great? Ohhhh as for me!!!!! I’m excited to share with you once I’ve seen it!!! I hope that even in waiting we will be so full of awe that the God we serve is worthy of all our praise!

And one day God will just whisper in our ears and say…“it’s beautiful isn’t it? Thank you for waiting and trusting me, I love you I want you to enjoy the best.”

But as of now, let’s wait in excitement! Surprise us God! πŸ˜€

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(c) Angio Ledda

6 thoughts on “The Bittersweet moment of Waiting

  1. Uhhhh that’s nice imki… be ready for what God’s surprise kci pag ndi kapa ready lalong hindi pa nya ibibigay sau :)… Patience overload.. btw Thank you Imki! πŸ™‚ :* β™‘β™₯β™‘

  2. Hi MK! I would just like to say I have been a fan of yours since I read your post in tumblr and as added you as a friend on facebook, I noticed how God has been working in your life (stalker lang hehe. no things that shine really amazes me) and you really inspire a lot of Christian single ladies (including me). Thank you for gracing us with your wonderful, God-given thoughts. May you continue to inspire us and keep glorifying the King! :)God bless!

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