The God of my Hills and Valleys


The God of my Hills and Valleys

Have you ever tried mountain-hiking? I did. Several times actually way back in year 2015 up to 2nd quarter of 2016. Whenever I reached the mountain top, all I could do is be amazed of how glorious the view can be from up there. And also, I felt always relieved from conquering a very tiresome and challenging trail. I perceive the mountain top as my reward. All the sweat, tears and pain are all worth it.

How I wish I could go back in those moments where God would bring me through difficult challenges and praise Him for letting me experience success afterwards.

But what if, God invites you in the valley where all you could see is a muddy place and where beauty seems to be overshadowed by the hills around you? Where you feel small and insignificant compared to the surrounding mountains? Where how much you try to embrace it all you could see are the lowest points? Will you come with Him?

Now that I have pause for a while from conquering mountains, God invited me to embrace the valley. No matter how much I try to work my way up there, I will never get to that mountain top because I am in the valley. It is my season right now with the Lord where He prunes me at my lowest place. And yet gives me the confidence to lift my head and look to Him for beauty.

Though I may dislike it at first, one thing that God taught me in this season is to embrace wherever He would place me. The best thing you can do for the Lord is to embrace what He is doing in your life even if you don’t like it. Just embrace it. Why? Because He is there with you. Being with Jesus in whatever season you are in is more than enough reason for you to lift your head up, raise your hands and worship Him. The valley is not that enticing but with God, it is also beautiful.

In the valley, He teaches you to see things in the lens of faith. He teaches you to hope beyond the human eyes can see because your hope is found in the Lord. He teaches you to be patient in those trials because there is a promise you can hold on to of which He will never leave you nor forsake you. He teaches you to see more of Him and less of what you can do. It may be a place where dreams are broken or out of reach but God teaches you to increase your faith that nothing is impossible with Him.

I don’t know how long will I stay in the valley, but even if I am pressed down with my situations I will continue to lift my eyes and choose to bless the Lord with my soul.

Lord, thank you. Even if you have placed me here for a while and see those dreams I’ve once held vanish, I will continue to hope in you believing you are a God who gives and takes away. You are sovereign and I know you will be glorified in my lowest because you are the Lord of all. I praise you Lord for who you are. You are my beauty in this season. Thank you, In Jesus’ name Amen.

“No matter what I have your grace is enough, no matter where I am, I’m standing in your love.” 🙌🎶J

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