29 of the ‘Best’ Memories; Happy 29th Birthday, Babi.

To the man who always encourages me to do blogs, this is for you.
I remember the first time I was urged to honor this man just because I had to honor everyone at our resonate team. I couldn’t say anything about him so instead, I blurted out these words “Kuya Angio, let’s make memories.”
Looking at these photos we sure did make a lot of memories and still counting! 🙂
From music rehearsals to family mart bondings with friends to hiking mountains to coffee shop hopping and dinner dates all of these are treasured memories of how God turned our nothing into something.
In that almost 3 years of knowing each other, let me share with you the 29 best memories I had with this man. 
1. Meeting him at the Alabaster Jar resonate team. When at first I thought he was a snob, later on became the first guy friend I am comfortable with. 
2. Volunteered himself to reach out my brother. Without any hesitation and delay he answered the call to disciple my brother hihi.
3. Shared each others’ testimony how we met Christ while Victory Weekend is ongoing. (Disclaimer: we are at the leader’s area that time)
4. Non stop fellowship with the AJs at family mart where we got to know more each other as friends.
5. Our first attended concert together of Planetshakers! 
6. Our first ever hike together at Mt. Maculot with some friends where we also did our first duet cover of “How He loves us”. He played the ukulele and I sang.
7. First coffee date at Starbucks where he laid down his intentions for me. I was making fun of him on how shaky his hands were. (My answer was I’ll pray for it first) 
8. Our first and maybe our last single’s retreat at Thunderbird resort. 
9. Celebrated Angio’s 27th birthday with his mom, brother Gelo and my brother keanu at this beautiful and favorite place Bag of Beans Twin lakes.
10. Had more adventure at Mt. Pulag and experienced death defying hike where we slept in soaked water huhu thank God we survived, though we never made to the peak Soon we will. 🙂
11. Because this man believed I have the potential to learn and grow in playing musical instrument, he blessed me with this ukulele! Huhu tears of joy. 
12. Our first classy dinner date at Wee Nam Kee for free! Thank you to the couple who blessed us.
13. Though we were miles apart, he still pursued me thru long distance video calls hehe plus he sends me freshly recorded preaching every Sunday. I find him sweet and persistent that time. 
14. He persistently prayed with me via messenger call every night when I was going through a lot in Saudi. (huhu could not find the screenshot of our messengers)
15. Reunited it feeeeelllsss so good. Hehe
16. Ventured another hike at Mt Gola and Manalmon with him and friends because I missed hiking. Wooh!
17. After much prayer and getting to know this guy, finally, I said yes to courtship. 
18. 2 months later, I said yes to relationship ☺️
19. We enjoyed our weekly dates of eating food. No wonder why we gained much weight hehe.
20. Also had fruitful time with married couples whom we can be accountable with.
21. Coz we are better together serving God in the ministry thru music. 
22. Found friends with the same season whom we can walk hand in hand being accountable to one another. 
23. Enjoyed time with his and my family. 
24. Our first Christmas party together at EN where we flew to New york! Bucketlist ticked off kuno. 
25. More bonding moments with friends in Holy week 2017
26. When God whispered to me “what if he proposes to you tonight?” I just shrugged it off. Surprisingly, he actually did. Thank you God for your amazing grace. 
27. When he suddenly had to sleep over in our office because we were so busy meeting our deadlines. He is ready to face even the challenges I am facing. 
28. One of the best moments is the stretching of our faith in this season of planning our wedding and marriage prep. Declaring that God will meet our needs. All we have to do is focus on building His Kingdom.  
29. Lastly, the most favorite of all moments we’ve shared is how he reminds me to go back to the Lord. This man is not just any ordinary man but someone who is faithful in sticking with God thru thick and thin. What a privilege to witness God’s faithfulness and what more in the coming days ahead. 
Thank you, God! These are just 29 of the many ‘Best’ memories I’ve had with this man. Just looking at the photos reminds me of how far we’ve gone but I know you have already gone ahead of us. With you at the middle, above and front, we will be okay. This is for your glory and your purpose alone! Thank you for letting us have these beautiful memories. Excited for more ❤️
We’ve still got a long long way to go and we are loving it!
Message to Babi:
Happy happy happy birthday, Love! I thank the Lord for his goodness in your life. Thank you for being patient with me in times of struggles and pain and for the funny carefree moments we’ve shared. My prayer is that God will show more of His grace to you as His son. He loves you soo much I could never fill the way God has been filling you. I love you babi! Let’s enjoy and be in awe of what God has in store for you and for us in this journey! 🙂 

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