God and I first Station

July 15, 2015
“Just God and I first” Station
One night, I had a vision. Behind me are places and people I have seen in my life. And in front of me is an empty bus with new faces and a very intricate map on the palm of my hands. How exciting this journey could be! I can’t wait to get on and off every single moment of it. I stepped inside and sit on an empty window-seat. I was so hooked up by the anticipation of being in different cities. Along with me are my camera, pen and notebook, backpack full of chocolates, earphones, Ipod and God. God has always been my travel buddy. He promised me in this journey He will never leave me nor forsake me.
The bus began to move and my excitement increased even more. God and I talked and talked for hours. He became my tourist guide. He eagerly described every good view we encounter. How it was made, why it was created and for whom it was. With twinkle in His eyes he joyfully stared at me and said “I made it for your enjoyment.” My heart melted. I hugged Him tightly and I don’t ever want that journey to end.
Suddenly we had to make a stop for more passengers to get in. Since our seat can accommodate three persons, there is still one room left for a new friend. But then God noticed how worried I was. “My daughter, what’s wrong?” “*sigh* I am sorry but I don’t want anyone to sit with us.” “But why?” “Because I want this journey to be about us.” He slightly smiled at me and said “You are so lovely my daughter, but I assure you the person who will sit with us is someone I know. You’re going to like him.” “Okay Lord, I trust you.”
Then a man with loaded back pack went after God and hugged him tightly. “Oh how I missed you God!” the man said. “I missed you too buddy! By the way, I want to introduce you to one of my lovely daughters.” He shook hands with me. “And Princess, this is one of my brave sons.” “Oh I hope I didn’t interrupt any of your business.” the man said. Without any hesitation God said, “Oh no, I was really expecting you here to join us. Do not worry my children; I am going to assure you this journey will be fun with me by your sides.”
Then he sat with us.

It amazes me the way he talks with God is the way I talk with Him. We chat, burst in laughter, cried and so on. And our relationship with God grew even more. I have to accept the fact that sooner or later that ‘God and I first’ station will soon be over. Time will come; I will reach the next station which says ‘I-God-him now’ station.


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