Why I said “Yes” to Marriage πŸ’

Why I said Yes to Marriage

Hi, My name is Meryl Kate Panugan-Ledda. I am 24 years old and just got married last April 28, 2018 with Antonio Giovanni Ledda who is turning 30 this year. πŸ˜‚ Although, his physique doesn’t quite show his age. He is such a young looking fella. πŸ˜‚

I’ve been contemplating a lot for the past few months on how I wanted to write our journey; how we came up with this decision of getting married. I just don’t know how to start. πŸ˜‚ But since I’ve already got big chunks of revelation in my head, I want to share everyone what God told me and how He made me say “Yes” ☺️

Looking back, at the age 15-20, I had a really different plan for my life. My goal in getting married was at the age of 27-29; the ages when I thought I have already earned money and travelled a lot. The age when I thought I am already a career woman and independent enough to carry myself into having my own family. However, assessing all my ambitions, God just pointed out how selfish it were when all I could think of was myself. Until on September 7, 2015, that’s when Angio (My husband’s nickname) laid down his intention to marry me someday. Of course I was baffled! Marriage? They said it’s every girl’s dream but not for me. Not until I’ve already exhausted my single life to the fullest. And so I asked wisdom and counsel from married women. I sought God’s word on this. And He kept telling me Joshua 1:9 which says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid for I will be with you wherever you go.” And that seems to be an assurance that whatever decision I make, He is sovereign.

Months passed of saying “not now” to Angio, we kept our friendship and treated him as a brother. I wanted to hear God saying “No, I still have a lot of plan for you in your singlehood.” Or “Just say no because you are meant to travel from places to places” even if I’ve been longing to hear these self-manufactured answers from the Lord I heard a different one which says “Because of my overflowing love for you like a dripping water that can’t be contained in a cup, I want you to share that excess love to Angio.” It was not a “Yes” or “No” but God clearly told me to love Angio with the love He is giving me.

So after months of saying “Not now” finally, March 21, 2016 I said yes to courtship. I knew as I said yes this should be a “no turning back” decision. Even if I had fears and worries, God just kept calming my heart as He repeat His promises for me that He will be with me in this journey. Even If I get hurt, cry or laugh, He will never leave me nor forsake me.

May 14, 2016, we publicly declared our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. I must say, the relationship phase was not an easy one. There were a lot of expectations not met and frustrations thinking how can I live with this person. But it was also the process when God is pruning my heart. When He kept correcting me and showing me that even in my most irritable character and attitude God still chose to love me and cover those offenses. And I saw that in our relationship, how much Angio is willing to fight for me and how much God is putting that love in me commanding me to love him as it covers multitude of sins. And little by little, I softly declared in my heart that we will get married soon. 😍

Fast forward to May 12, 2017 finally Angio proposed to me in front of my closest friends and families. Just the kind of proposal I have been imagining. It was that day when we both took the leap of faith is saying yes. Again, it was never easy preparing for marriage. This was the season when we slowly are getting hints of each other’s real characters. But God’s command stays clearer than ever which says “Just continue to love like how I love you.” There were moments when I broke down and wanted to give up. Insecurities which crept in my head thinking “you’re not good enough to become a wife” or “you’re too young to handle this”. All those lies and worries choked me in until I got depressed. But thankfully, my friends and families are there to help me get up and most especially Angio who kept loving me despite my darkest days. Those situations were defying moments for me and made me realize how badly I wanted to stay with this person for the rest of my life. I saw a glimpse of God’s love for me and how much I want to grow more in love with God thru this person.

After a year, God showed his faithfulness by pouring out so much miracle. We started from nothing into getting married in a not so perfect wedding but it was a perfect marriage union because God was there at the center. We felt His grace! No matter how much everything didn’t go according to plan, He showed how great He is by letting this come to pass. Apart from Him we can’t enter this marriage but with Him, He qualified us and made sure we will be okay as long as Angio and I are both dependent in Him every single day of our life.

So what can I say….it’s been a week since we got married and we’re still learning a lot! We’ve got a long long way to go and we are loving it!

Cheers to a hundred years with this Man and God at the middle. 😍

Age is never a qualification because God will be the one to qualify you. ❀️

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