The Kind Of Adventure God Placed Us In 👣🛤

The Kind of Adventure God Placed us In…🌈


Growing up, my family used to do different kinds of adventure. We are fond of road trips, camping (literally sleeping in tents), going to caves and deserts and just exploring places beyond our boundary. I remember the day we went to Al khobar seashore (different city in Saudi Arabia) the day when clouds suddenly poured out heavy rain in the middle of us driving along the shore. Unfortunately, our red sedan got stuck in a thick muddy ground. Our wheels then got deeper and deeper as my dad tried to accelerate the car. And we could really feel our car slowly getting buried to the ground. We were really nervous and afraid that time. Yet thankfully, we have other families with us on that trip who tried to help us. My dad instructed us to transfer to our family friend’s car and brought us to a place where we can find shelter. Adrenaline rush was part of our journey. How did that story end? Aside from my dad and our friends, some kind-hearted Saudi men helped my dad push and lift the car until we saw him driving this oozy muddy blackened car towards us. Not a good sight though, but it was a total relief that our circumstance turned out to be okay that day. Wew! 

No wonder why I am so hooked up with the thought of adventure. It was part of my dream to just travel and try out some death-defying adrenaline rushing activities. I always like going beyond my limitation, facing some ugly fears and finally saying to my self “what a relief!” I thought I’d be doing that at this time. Yet God has a different adventure prepared for me, for us.

After getting married, Angio and I planned to enjoy our life as married couples first. Yet God, whose thoughts and ways are higher than ours, He planned to have our first child early on our marriage. As soon as we saw that two lines appeared across the tube, we felt joy and fear. Joyful that there’s a human being waiting to be formed in my womb; someone whom we already love and adore even if we haven’t met him/her yet. Fearful, because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle and take care of him well. I felt again the weight of responsibility I must carry and the pains I must endure just to make sure he will be okay with us. I’ve talked to a lot of moms already and reassured me that it’s normal to feel that way. This season we are in is like a new adventure we must step on. It’s a bit scary because of the unknown and unfamiliar place, but it will be all worth it. It is nothing but a new adventure with God because on our own we cannot pass through this triumphantly. We will get stuck and be buried with doubts and fears and we need God everyday to empower us and enable us to be that future homies of this cute little one. 

First trimester was really a struggle for me. It feels like riding a roller coaster all day long. (So much for this adventure huhu) I wish I could get off the ride every time I am feeling nauseous but that’s not how it works for a pregnant woman. I need to endure, pray and be hopeful that this will end soon. I need to declare Romans 8:18 which says the present suffering is nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed. I am thankful to God that he has given me an adventure partner who is willing to go thru this with me, who always prays for me to get thru the day at work, who is patient enough in finding food whenever I am getting picky about it, who comforts me whenever I would break down every time I get home from work and just completely loves me despite my useless rants and complaints. I am truly blessed. Despite the vomiting, nausea, headaches and many more struggles I feel in the middle of the day or night, God assures us I will be okay, we will be okay because He is with us in everything. 

Even if we had to pause again from outdoor adventures, God still placed us in this wonderful, crazy, messy, unpredictable, fun-filled life adventure. And being selfless is one of the greatest lessons we could ever learn from this. Just thinking about it, God’s planned adventure is far far greater than what we have for ourselves. And the coming of our first child is sooooo mucccchhhhh exciting than visiting different places or doing bungee jumping. We wouldn’t trade anything for this child. ❤️

Even if mommy is not doing very well at first trimester by God’s grace we will be okay for God promised to breathe life into you baby. Actually, I am sort of enjoying this because your daddy is the one doing the laundry for me hihi. Joooookkkkeeee 😂😂😂😂


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