Random Realizations in My Preggy Journey (11th week)


It is indeed a bundle of joy to have known there is a human being that God is intricately weaving in my womb. And whenever I take possession of this evolving life in my tummy, God constantly reminds me that this child was His from the very beginning. It was His will and intention to place this baby in my womb because of the purpose He has in the life of this beautiful child. And as a “Mom-to-be”, I am just that faithful servant like Mary ready to be used in carrying God’s amazing plans not just for my family but also for the entire generation to come. 

Now being a first time soon-to-be mom, I have to say it is a bit overwhelming for me to take in everything that I need to learn or cope up with. I used to say this line to God…”Lord, I’m just 24 what do I know about raising up a child.” From the food I eat to the things I should and should not do, I know this is the training ground of becoming a selfless mom I could be. It’s not easy I may say. It is the most difficult job yet the most fulfilling one as what I’ve heard from experienced moms. 

Looking back, God’s plans are way better than mine. When I used to dream of travelling and exploring the world at my 20’s, God slowly minimizes that one and expanded His. When all I could think of were my wants, God challenged me to want something better and something greater not for myself but for the entire world. He then made me realize that this is His better plan; to seek more of His will and to die to my selfish desires. And being a mother soon leads me pretty well in that direction. 

Whenever I am tempted to compare my journey with others, God snap this out for me and reminds me I have that unique calling that only I can do. Whenever I am tempted to sulk in the corner envying their kind of weekends compared to mine (gala everywhere vs. hospital check ups and bed rest) God takes away that spirit of envy and replaces it with spirit of gratitude and praise. He assures me that I am in the right path and I have to trust Him with the little sacrifices I make which results to a better perspective and lifetsyle in preparation for this baby’s (another world changer) sweet arrival. Indeed, this is another beautiful season with the Lord. 

You know what I love about these seasons of life I went through? Even if seasons change, God never changed at all! He was that amazing Father in Heaven who helped me in my college days when I was crying over my failing grades and saw Him faithful as I finish my college degree. He was the same Father who helped me in my challenges when I was a single young professional and saw Him made an impact in the lives of people I encountered in the workplace. He remained the same even as I walk through marriage and saw Him do wonders in our wedding. And now….now that we are becoming a parent our confidence comes from this, God is still the same God who will help us get through the first pregnancy up to raising up our children. He is still the same God who holds our hands and tells us everything is going to be okay. And we are thankful, we have a God whom we can walk, laugh, cry and all other more in this beautiful life. 

He knows better in everything and so we will put our faith and trust in Him as we prepare ourselves to parenthood. ❤️ Please, choose to seek His will more than yours for He knows best and He will never fail you. 

Sharing with you some of the ultrasound photos at my almost 11 weeks. 😀

Little limbs saying Hi world! Hehe.

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