This is Your Worth, Dear Bride 👰🏻


“And they lived happily ever after.” 

This never changing cliché is what all women long to hear. I have to admit, I was fascinated with princess love stories myself; how their princes came to find them and rescued them from their hardships. Along with it is the promise to live a happy life from then on. I think any woman would undoubtedly fall for such word hoping that life will turn out great in future days. And maybe, because of this longingness, a lot have already tried to chase this so called “happy ending”. 

Reality bites, life is not about getting married and living a happy life. Even in marriage there will be hurdles and ladders every couple should work on. And so I would like to spill the beans to all single ladies that finding your true love and becoming a bride is not the goal. It is actually knowing you already are one even before you reach your wedding day. 

Your identity should not be based on an event that must happen in your life. The fulfillment of your soul is based solely on embracing the wiring God has placed in you. I’d like to think that every women of different ages and seasons are worthy to be called a bride apart from the wedding day. Because even before we were born, there is that one man who saw us as His bride worthy of His everything. 

I believe here are some truth He would like to affirm you as His bride…

  1. You are worth waiting for

In this day and age where women are susceptible to lies that time is running and you might end up being alone for the rest of your life, He wants you to know the truth you are worth the wait. You are worth every preparation that takes time in order to give and be given the best. You deserve properly manufactured goods of love and not unready ones that will leave you hanging. And even if you are still in the process of being shaped perfectly, there is that man who was never impatient of your growth. He waited and waited and will still wait until you are flawlessly done. Just as how the groom patiently waited for His bride to walk down the aisle in careful steps. In delight, he seize the moment in watching you turn into an all the more beautiful bride as you reach the altar. That kind of waiting depicts the picture of what love is. It is never in a hurry. It is always in sync with perfect timing. Waiting for you in these moments of molding is never a waste of time because someday you will see the beauty it has to offer in your life.


  1. You are worth pursuing

It is never your role to pursue and ask the man to enter in your life. Even if in our generation today these gestures are now becoming prominent, He wants you to know you are still that woman of value worth pursuing. I love how Elizabeth Elliot the author of Passion and Purity explained that our value is like that of high priced items. There are people who will bargain you at a lower price in order to get you. They will try to win you over discounts and such. But because you are so valuable, you are worth investing on in the value God has given you. You don’t need to make less of yourself just so you can be pursued. Because even if you already did, there is that man who still sees you like a diamond. Even if you got trampled in the mud and were played on, He is more than willing to get his hands dirty and dig you up from the ground and still declare you “precious”! That’s how valuable you are dear one.


  1. You are worth dying for

I realized that disney princess stories has romanticized the idea of love. Because reality is, getting married in this lifetime is like making a brave statement which says “I am willing to die for you” This doesn’t mean dying physically, but it’s just simply declaring the willingness to die to your selfish desires for the benefit of your loved one. And He wants you to know that in the world full of “me first”, He is the man willing to put you first before anything else. One day, a man will come at your door, sweep off your feet, kneel down in front of you and ask for your hands in marriage. And before that takes place or even if it already did, remember the first man who did this not at your door but on the cross. He made a huge sacrifice in giving up His life in order to pronounce that great love He has for you. And even before you get married, He is reminding you, you are His bride first and for eternity. This should be your identity until you meet Him face to face. 


You don’t need to chase down this love you have been seeing in movies. You don’t even need to wear a wedding dress and write your own happily ever after story. Because the truth is you already are a bride: the bride of Christ in all seasons. He alone will fill your empty cup, make you whole and pure, and give you the best of His everything. And even before you were born, He already waited, pursued you and died for you because He loves you immensely. Even if a lot of times we wander and search for that elsewhere, His love for you will always remain on the same place; the cross with a label “this is your worth, dear Bride. And I love you.” 


We may never experience the happy ending in this lifetime yet surely we will when we get to eternity and celebrate our eternal wedding day! ❤️


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