Defying the Phrase “Let’s Be Practical”


What feels safe doesn’t always mean it’s God’s will for you.

Sometimes, it means stagnant, stuck, average and living in comfort zone. I was reminded of the disciples in the bible who have risked their lives just so they could spread the gospel all over the places. I was wondering if they have ever thought of choosing the practical side which is to save their lives from it? I guess not. They were fearless in sharing the gospel even if it means losing their lives for Christ’s name sake. Did they even think of what they will eat? Or drink? Or wear? Were they somehow concerned with their daily needs? Maybe? Or maybe they were so consumed with their calling that they didn’t even have the time to worry themselves.

Whoever saves their lives, they will lose it. Whoever loses them for God, they will gain it.

Please break my belief if this is not worth fighting. A lot of times people would tell me to be practical about life. Eversince I was a kid, I’ve been hearing this with my family that this is all we’ve got and let’s be practical about it. But something in me is wanting to break free from that and believe that what is impossible can be made possible. And sometimes, whenever I hear the word “practical” it limits me from actually seeing the things God can do more in and through us.

I know God has given us the wisdom to do things and how to go about it and part of that is being practical about life. But what if, being practical will not always be the solution? What if there will be times we need to take risks and face wars? What if the only way to break in is to go over that speed limit in order to reach the full potential? What if Noah didn’t take that risk in becoming a fool to everybody? I wonder if he thought God’s command is not practical to build an ark on that sunny day.

Whenever people would tell me “let’s be practical” I can’t help myself but use my sight instead of faith. It feels like being put in a box full of limitation. Yet whenever I go to the word this is what it says about faith. Faith is the confidence of what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. It is a sure-footing even if you don’t see the next steps ahead. It is obeying the Lord even when He doesn’t make sense. So the next time I will hear such advice, I will take it to heart and ask God about it. Because at the end of the day, God has the last say. Even if I am leaning towards a decision that feels safer, I know it will always be God’s plans that will prevail.

My prayer is I will have total obedience and faith in the Lord. Even if following Him would result to a lot of opposition, struggles and battles, as long as I am doing what the Lord requires of me, it will be the only thing that matters.

I guess we are wired differently, and this is my wiring to go beyond my imagination and see them come to pass even if it defies the practicality of life.


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