Your Time Will Come πŸ•°

Your Time Will Come

Lately, I’ve been pondering about life and how we all get to live it differently. And it has always been my advocacy to inspire people through these life experiences. Though they may not be fancy as how the world views it, every life event whether small or big deserves our gratitude.

It is through social media that we get to see other’s life stories. I am not against selfies nor travel pictures nor news of success published in social media. Yet most of the time, they can be a source of someone else’ self-pity. “Why am I stuck here when others are traveling everywhere?”, “Why am I unsuccessful unlike my batchmates?” or “Why am I ugly unlike these pretty ladies or handsome gents?” These are the questions we tend to ask whenever we compare our life from others. And like how my mentors/leaders always tell me, not everything you see in social media are the real stories. Well, that is true. It is natural for us to be selective with the things we share and not present our life as an open book. And the truth is we all have been struggling with something that are not seen on facebook. Not that they are all fake, it’s just we conceal the bad parts and let the good ones float.

However, I realize it’s not about looking at others’ stage in life that matters but it’s about focusing on what you have and embracing them with gratitude. Let’s not fall into the trap of comparison because that’s when bridges start to burn. Instead, let’s all have that genuine joy for people in their walk of life. Let’s celebrate each other’s successes and stages and be hopeful that one day our time will come. But if not, let’s be grateful for what we have because living life to the full is counting our blessings.

(One of my greatest blessings; my partner in crime)

My husband and I usually practice this whenever we tend to sulk with negative vibes. Think of 3 things (whether big or small) you are thankful for this week. Going over them one by one fills our heart with so much joy and gratitude. We figured out that the only problem with us is we magnify the wrong ones, we magnify envy, jealousy, anger, hatred, or etc. But when we just stop for a moment and think about the good things or anything that is worthy of praise, that’s when the water comes to flow. It cleanses our hearts from all the wickedness the world had offered. We back down and say “God, I am living a good life not because I have all the things I want but because you have provided the best ones I just needed.”

I want to be transparent with you as much as I can. And I want to spill this bean that I myself has been a victim of comparison. Sometimes I would scroll over my social media and would find myself asking God “Lord why don’t I have those things like they do? Why can’t I easily travel like they can?” I would catch myself asking these to the Lord and He would always bring me back to His truth that in Him I have everything I need. Whom have I in heaven but you, Lord. He would always dig down deep into my heart and arise the truest and purest desire which is to be with the Lord in every chapter. Whether we are in lack or could not even book a flight for vacation with my husband, He would remind us He has provided something better which is our baby in my womb and our provision for hospital expenses. Not that we are prideful or boastful about this, but he just made us realize that at this chapter of our life this is our blessing. And every little thing like being able to eat many times a day, having a comfy bed to sleep, a cozy home to live, a water to bathe, money for our bills are just few of the numerous blessings we have. Wew! If I would enumerate them one by one I can’t help myself but just be in awe of how much God has taken care of us. The key is to be grateful about life and be hopeful that God has not forgotten your dream. So there’s really no point in comparing with others because at His perfect time and will, you will see your time come in other areas you’ve been longing to see.

Be hopeful for the future, be grateful for yourself and others and be joyful at what God is entrusting you today.

Someday, your time will come. πŸ™‚

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