I am His Prinsesa, And So Are You

Describe your day with God.

Mine? It’s strolling along the shore holding His hands and feeling secured of the present and future. It is a nighttime full of stars, lying on a blanket, feeling His embrace even in the midst of the dark. These are my favourite visions with Him because I can tangibly feel His presence even just in my imagination.

I miss those days I would spend a day with Him in a coffee shop, reading His words and listening to His sweet songs. And I am thankful I am able to do that today in my home without any distractions. Just me and God.

Even as I age, I’m still that little girl who loves to shamelessly barge in His throne room and spend hours of listening, crying, laughing, quieting my soul and just being me. With Him, I don’t have to pretend to act firm and strong. He delights in embracing the broken me because He loves me for who I am. I don’t have to strive nor perform in front of Him because I am His daughter and He loves me innately no matter how many mistakes I’ve done in the past.

I am always amazed on how He naturally changes the course of my heart whenever I am headed towards a destruction. I am humbled whenever I get a rod of discipline yet peacefully knowing I am deeply loved by Him. Whenever He sees insecurities are creeping again in my head, He shields my thoughts with His words warning me not to go there. He loves to rescue me over and over again. And He never gets tired of it.

A day spent in the house of the Lord is incomparable with the riches this world can offer. Even if at times I am lured with temptation of desiring the world, He turns my head towards Him reminding me He is enough. No one and nothing can be compared to the love He has for me.

I feel confident whenever I am with Him. He sees me as His beautiful princess whom he dearly loved. He never fails to make me feel like I am a rare precious gem that is highly maintained. He is more than willing to give His all not withholding anything from His children. And whenever I forget that confidence, He always leads me back to the cross where He gave His everything.

“He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?”

Romans 8:32 ESV

His blood that was shed is a proof of how much He loves me for eternity. At times, I wish I could hold Him and see Him face to face but I know He’s not done with me yet. Me being in the world is accepting His mission to spread this amazing Father-daughter relationship any woman can have. It is a wonderful privilege to invite His daughters all over the world to reunite with Him and see how God can save them from a wrecked life—Making them see there’s more to life than hopelessly wandering. Every failure done was already nailed on the cross just like how He erased mine. And only God can make us white as snow, blameless, spotless, cleansed, redeemed and restored.

I tell you, it’s not a fancy thing but it’s everything we ever needed and wanted. Being treated like a princess by the King in Heaven is something I don’t ever want to trade with fleeting pleasures. Of course, He is still mindful of our desires and He loves to show us How He can go beyond our wildest dreams. I was also afraid to surrender at first for it can cost me everything. Yet in doing so, I gained even more. And what I gained is not temporary for I know as I live life here, God is preparing an eternal suite for me in His Kingdom. And for you too! If you just allow Him.

You can never fill that void in your heart elsewhere. Only God can do that because He made you and He knows you. His heart is always for you and not against you. And so here I go again, persuading any women reading this to come and allow His love to blow you away. I may or may not succeed but I know God will win you. 🙂

He is your King too. And I can assure you, it is the best decision you can ever make in your life—embracing your identity as His precious prinsesa dearly loved.

Sharing with you this lovely song from Jamie Grace. ❤️

2 thoughts on “I am His Prinsesa, And So Are You

  1. thank you for this very inspiring post po 🙂 I’m teary eyed while reading this one. 🙂 This blog is such a great reminder for me that my identity will always be in the Lord. I just need to hold it dear in my heart. God bless you more and more and your family.

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