A Man After God’s Own Heart – My Husband

Last year, I wrote “29 of The Best Memories” I had with him. And now that he is 30 and thriving, this blog serves as a sequel to our memories together. Although this will no longer be a number-list of fun moments, but rather this will entirely be about him—the kind of man he is, not just towards me but also towards the people around him.

I am so blessed to have married the man greater than what I have expected him to be. Every time God and I talk about him, my heart can’t help but overflow in gratitude. Truly, God knows the “Best” for us. And for me, he is the “Best” partner I could ever have in building life, building God’s Kingdom and our future family.

He may not be perfect. He may also be as flawed as me, but what amazes me is His firm love and devotion for the Lord. He understood what it is like to be vulnerable with pain and downfall, yet he always manages to get back up because of this truth he believes—God had already won the victory for him. His ultimate motivation to keep going is God’s unfailing love. And that may be the reason why I got so attracted to him……unconciously.

He may have experienced a hundred times downfall yet he always allows God to lift him up a thousand times as well. He is never afraid to admit his weaknesses and get help in areas he is lacking; making sure to improve in future days. He is also quick to forgive and to ask for forgiveness whenever offenses are done. He never holds a grudge and lives in the past because what’s important for him is the lesson he has learned. Indeed, he is a man with a humble heart and he gladly imparts those learnings to the next generation.

Now that he is my husband, I can see his heart more upclose. Whenever we are struck down with problems and lies, he always teaches me to worship through it and let God’s truth enlighten our hearts. He even uses his guitar as his weapon to fight the enemy’s flaming arrows declaring, singing praises and arising our faith. He is a man who is contented with having little or with enough because he knows God is our ultimate source. My heart is always flattered with his servant heart for he is always committed in having a share of my burden whenever my plate is full. And to top it off, I learned from him to be joyful despite unwanted circumstances because God has always been faithful in our lives. Truly, He is an armor bearer willing to fight any battles we could ever face.

There’s still a lot to mention about this man. Yet above all those descriptive things, what really radiates in him is his passion; passion to help others, passion in worshiping God in and out of season thru music, passion in generously giving to people without asking anything in return and that contagious passion in being joyful in every circumstances.

People may not know him for who he is but God knows the heart of this man. And as for me, his wife, I am in that adventure of getting to know him more and more. Even if we are just at the beginning, I firmly believe and uphold this vision that God will still do great and amazing things in his life. And I am so grateful and privileged to witness more of his journey of faithfulness in the Lord. Who would have thought that months from now he will be a certified father of our future kid. God has indeed blessed this man and I am so honored to enjoy the front row seat of seeing the things yet to come. I will eternally rejoice with him in any mountaintop views and love him along the bumpy and sturdy ride.

Happy 30th birthday my babi! I love you so much! Thank you for being one of the best things that ever happened in my life. I hope you feel honored in this blog I made. You deserve a shoutout because you are a great man of God.

Ready to take the next flight to Daddyhood? Hehehe

2 thoughts on “A Man After God’s Own Heart – My Husband

  1. To God be the glory. Only God can choose the right partners for each other. He who knows the end from the beginning makes no mistakes. I am happy to read that you attribute your love and companionship to God’s doing. May He continue to bless your relationship. Be good to each other. Thanks for this post. I totally enjoyed it. God bless.

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