Having Little Or Plenty?

The past days, I’ve been contemplating with God on how mindful He is in pruning my character. Before, my mind was filled of self ambitions, vain accomplishment and earthly dreams with no eternal value. I’ve been chasing after them letting myself get pressured of what the world dictates. All I could think of is how to grow my career, earn lots of money and travel to different places. And I grew up thinking that’s how I could fit in the society. That the definition of success is measured by my bank account.

Yet as I grew into knowing God more, He is changing my beliefs little by little. Often He would whisper to me saying, “Your success isn’t measured by your accomplishments. Your success is me being with you wherever, whenever.” He even put me in a place where I was really humbled. He exposed my weaknesses not to pity myself but to increase my dependence on Him. He let me experience “lack” to learn that prosperity comes from Him and that generosity is found not in abundance but even when I only have little to offer.

And as I pray to God for the next steps. As much as I want to think of ways how I can be successful in the future, I am no longer conforming to the world’s standard nor feel envious of affluent individuals. I know God has still kept those dreams in my heart but I am learning not to dwell on them. I realized, the moment I gave my life to the Lord, I no longer live for myself but for Him. No wonder why I kept reading in my devotions about taking up the cross and dying to self. He kept teaching my heart to be like that of a servant willing to go wherever God calls me.

And right now, I am learning to be contented with what I have and be joyful believing that God has the best things to offer in life. He gives the best. He dictates our seasons, gives favor to those whom He favors and blesses those whom he choose to bless.

The coming months may be uncertain yet I know I can be joyful and hopeful of the beautiful things he has in store for me and my family.

Our success is knowing Him and having Him in our lives. And we can’t help but share that with others for He alone can give the fullness of life.

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