Be Like “Mary” In the World Full of “Martha’s”

Is it really possible to go a day meeting people in the ministry, accomplishing important agendas for the Lord and still miss out on the King? Yes. As I was reading the story of Mary and Martha, when Jesus started sharing the word, Mary chose the good portion which will not be taken away from her. She chose to pause and sit at the feet of Jesus while Martha chose to do more for the Lord.

God surely sees the intention of our hearts. It is expected of us to do good works as the result of our relationship with the Lord. However, a lot of times, we keep on running and forgetting the rhythm of His steps. We unconsciously stride ahead of God when all He wanted is for us to pause and enjoy Him.

I’ve experienced that myself when I let the busyness of life suck me up. I thought that doing more for the Lord is the necessary thing I could do for him. Yet He revealed His heart. What he requires of me is not performance but just me being with him listening, praying, pondering, laughing and more. All God longs for us is a relationship. He loved us not so we could help him fulfil His plans, He chose us simply because of love. And to partner with Him is just one of the bonuses we could ever do while we’re here on earth.

This morning, while taking a shower, I suddenly felt that strong presence of the Lord with a tap on my heart and a whisper in my ear saying, “Being with me is just simple but living without me is where complicated things arise.” And I understood what He meant. He wants me to live and have faith like that of a child. Being in a position of total dependence and humility is what helps us be aware of God every day of our lives. Mary might have felt that need so she chose to be with Jesus. Because apart from Him, there’s that vulnerability to rely on our own strength and unknowingly leave His presence even in the middle of doing ministry. Yikes! We don’t want that, do we?

We want to see God’s heart in everything He has called us to do. And how can we know His heart when we are empty of Him and full of ourselves? Revelation came to me when I took my eyes off of myself and gazed upon Him. My strength was renewed when I chose to rest in His presence rather than beat myself up for not striving. Passion was birthed when God breathed life in me in those quiet moments with Him. And after spending time, that’s when I felt that with God I can do more! With God I can conquer and overcome! With God, I can flourish! With God, nothing is impossible! With God, I am fired up! And so on…

We are in need of God not just when we first got saved, but even when we’re already 5 years, 10 years or more walking with the Lord. We cannot outgrow that truth. We need him whether in big or small details of our lives. And I hope, like Mary, we will choose the better portion which is to be with God every day —To lay aside the concerns of this world and choose Him first before getting things done. Because with God, we can accomplish more for His glory alone. And this is the best partnership we could ever have, more of Him and less of us.

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