Mommyhood Series: Breastmilk and Baby’s Weight Gain

Here is a photo of my little one 2 months and 3 days old. She’s obviously not a chubby “michelin” like baby and it’s okay. As long as she’s healthy and keeps up with her milestones each month, she’s perfectly fine for me and my husband. We love her just the way God created her.

I realize that being a mother is never easy. I once thought that taking care of babies and feeding them are piece of cake. I thought they’d automatically gain weight without any supplement. For some moms blessed with abundant milk, this seems to be the least of their problem. But to the moms struggling, I feel you. I feel those unwelcomed comments you wish to go away, praying and hoping they’d be more sensitive on your part. I know how offensive it is for you to compare some fat babies with yours. But to us mothers, I realize it is our role to protect and love our children the way God sees them. Despite what others say about us or our baby, they’re beautiful in whatever size and shape.

There came a point when I nearly succumb to offering her formula milk just to get over the insecurity I felt. Yet God rebuked me and made me realize I shouldn’t be insecure in the first place. Our identity and security as a mom does not rely on how many pounds our babies weigh. It should be founded on God. I know at times it is inevitable but I realize our daily task as mothers should always be surrendered to God. We could never do this on our own. And it is only by His grace that we could be the best moms for our little ones.

Each day in motherhood, I learned to depend more on the voice of God. At first, it was hard to listen because of the irregular daily routine. But then God taught me even in my busy days I could involve Him especially in nurturing my child. I could ask him from the least of needs to the greatest. He is our source of everything, even breastmilk. I prayed to the Lord that the moment I will give my daughter formula milk is when He allowed us to through our Pedia. Yet as long as her trend of weight gain is within normal and she’s healthy and lively then having a slim baby should not be a concern at all.

Personally, it is just our faith to push my milk through. For as much as I see milk dripping from my breast I will continue to feed her with it. Even if it means lesser sleep at night, 24/7 glued to her, having an only 5 minute CR break and the many other sacrifices, it’s okay. She’s a blessing and she’s worth the sacrifice.

To anyone reading this, please pray with us for an increase more in my milk supply. God is soooo generous! I know and believe He will not withhold this from my daughter. Right now, God is teaching me to relax, pray and leave it all up to Him. To those people who keep on giving unsolicited comments, I just want you to know I am in faith that our baby will grow healthily and develop well regardless of my capabilities as a mother. I know God holds her life and I will keep on partnering with Him because apart from Him, I can’t be the mother God intended me to be. But with Him, we can conquer anything.

Sharing a milestone last night: from 1oz of milk every pumping session to almost 3oz. Not bad!!!

Be faithful in the little and God will multiply it.

2 thoughts on “Mommyhood Series: Breastmilk and Baby’s Weight Gain

  1. I’ve been struggling with supply issues lately and it has been very hard. I’m trying to stay positive, though and push through. Thank you for your post! It’s encouraging to know someone else has gone through it and is making it work! You’re doing great!

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