The Little Girl Who Dreams

I once knew a little girl who is fond of dreaming the unimaginable things. Her favorite part of the day was when she gets to close her eyes and starts creating pictures in her head. Those were her hopes flipping one by one like pages in a photo album waiting to be relived. And every time she wakes up, she professes one day she’ll see them come to life.

At times she would get frustrated when she feels like nothing is happening. At times she would complain at how slow its progress is. There were even times when she thought of giving up because it’s the only clear path she could see. Yet in spite those, she still wants to cling on to that 10% chance possibility of her dreams getting fulfilled.

She had gone through a lot. She encountered dream killers that tried to stomped her on to the ground. Discouraging words surrounded her left and right. Scarcity of resources was present in her life. Mediocrity or that not-wanting-to-leave the comfort zone became her friend. She wanted to dispose all of these struggles yet it’s hard to break off from those walls already built. To her, it feels like dead end. Game over. Just quit.

However, God who knows the every detail of her life. Those silent cries at night, whispered prayers, that little faith, were enough for Him to make mountains move on her behalf. She may not see it yet but behind the scene God is doing something, preparing a grand entrance to greater things. It may not be the kind of things she has been dreaming all her life, but for sure, this is greater than anything she could ever asked for.

And so she learned. She placed those hopes one by one at the foot of her king. She presented those desires hoping God would meet her dreams yet she also no longer holds to them tighly. She is willing to set them free in exchange for what God has really in stored for her. She will still not shy away from asking God of the impossible yet she is also willing to surrender herself to whatever God has planned even if it means losing those dreams once held. After all, Her king gives the greatest treasure no earthly ones could surpass.

And so this is the tale of the little girl who dreams. One day we will all see how God will turn her fantasy into reality.

This girl is me. And she might be you too.

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