Mommyhood Series: This is mommyhood season…

This is mommyhood…

It is waking up at wee hours to feed a hungry baby.

It is getting used to their cries as if it’s a background music on-repeat.

It is putting them down for a while just so you could have that 1 minute cr break, wash hands, put alcohol then breastfeed again.

It is embracing life inside the house and missing the carefree life you had before.

It is making that 5 minute bath a habit every day.

It is doing all the necessary chores under 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the baby’s nap.

It is packing a lot of stuff for baby and bringing one small bag for you and husband whenever on a trip.

It is spending less time fixing your eyebrows and more time for preppin up baby. Sometimes, you even get used to going out with no make up at all.

It is foregoing your small sized clothes and keeping oversized ones because it’s the only comfortable and wearable garment for your postpartum body.

It is not minding how heavy you weigh because for nursing moms diet is forbidden.

And lastly, It is looking in the mirror feeling disgusted of the changes that had occured yet still feel delighted in seeing their silly smiles and giggles.

You began to realize now that this little creature who changed your life is one of the best things that happened.

She changed it for the better.

I learned to sacrifice the little things I once valued—My sleep, body figure, cosmetics, 1 hr bath and many more.

I learned to look at her needs first before mine. And mommies, it’s okay.

We don’t need to resent ourselves for being this way because our children is a gift. They are such beautiful rewards from heaven which we don’t deserve in the first place.

What matters now is how we raise up our child in becoming a world changer someday.

So those little sacrifices are actually necessary. They are part of it.

They are good investments

As they grow up, we’ll see that the little ones whom we used to lay down our lives for are now laying down their lives for others.

And so this is mommyhood.

It is not a fancy thing. It’s dirty and messy but it’s enjoyable and fulfilling especially when you get a smile from your little ones’ faces. It is as if they’re saying we’re doing great!

You are doing great mommy!

This is just one of the beautiful seasons with the Lord. Embrace it!

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