Why is Insurance with Investment (VUL) One of The Best Christmas Gifts You Can Give to Yourself and for Your Family?

First, what is a VUL? VUL stands for Variable Universal Life or Variable Unit Linked which means there are two varied products linked in one portfolio. This is popularly known as an insurance product coupled with investment component. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. Not only do you get protection for your income by preventing your loved ones from suffering the financial obligations. But also can you benefit from the possible gain of the fund you have invested for yourself and for your family in the future. Whether you continue to live or not, you will never be at loss. Sounds good diba?

Why is this one of the best Christmas gifts? I’ll tell you base on my own experience as a client and as an advisor.

1.Trains You To Be Financially Responsible – Having a VUL is training yourself to be financially responsible. Why? It teaches you to save first and allocate a portion of your savings in an investment portfolio so that when uncertainties happen, you wouldn’t have to spend all of your liquid cash from the bank. Sa ganon di ka masasaid at may mapag kukunan ka pa. At kung wala naman nangyare sayo, this money you have invested can be a part of your retirement fund. Isipin din natin future natin friends.

2.Teaches You The Word Discipline – Of course it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while. Yet come to think of it, treating yourself is just spending your money with no lasting fulfillment. Panandalian lang ang saya at panandalian lang din ang money mo. It’s painful to see your money come and go diba? I’m not saying you hoard for yourself. What I’m trying to say is it’s wiser to see your money go to a place of investment and use it in the long run. Yung unti unti mong pag tabi ay di mo aakalain gagamitin mo pala sa edukasyon ng future children mo. Buti nakapag handa ka kesa sinasabay mo malalaking gastusin sa every day expenses. Mas mahirap yun.

3.Today Premium Is Affordable – While you’re still young at your age today, start now! Premium is still affordable and you have no heavy financial obligations just yet compared to those nearing their retirement age. Lalo na mga single, this is the best time to get insurance with investment. You’ll never know what awaits your future. Magka family ka man, your future wife or hubby will thank you for being responsible with your finances. Di na kayo mahihirapan pa pagnagka anak kayo. Plus you can teach your children the same wisdom you’ve learned when you were still single. Kaya start now and plan ahead!

4.Prevents You From Regretting In The Future – To those who are telling me hindi ko kailangan niyan for now or I don’t believe in insurance, I hope I won’t see the time you’ll regret your decision. I’ve heard a lot of stories and even witness one saying “sana pala kumuha ako. Sana pala binigyan ko ng pansin yung importance niyan hindi sana kami nahihirapan ng ganito ngayon.” Yes friends, our goal is not to make you rich but to avoid you getting poor. I am a Christian and I don’t fully put my hope in this temporal thing as well. But as I continue to study insurance, I see the wisdom behind it. Our primary job is not really to sell but to help! And God sends help to people. And so consider my plea friends, this is not to secure your life si Jesus lang may kaya nun but to help you. Yun kasi calling namin, tumulong. 😉

5.Your Personal Win Can Be Our National Win – Seeing the well-developed countries, what differs us from them is high rate of financial literacy. I desire to see Philippines someday become an investor and not just consumer. Magaling tayo magtangkilik ng kung anu ano ang trending. Milk tea, gadgets, travel goals, and so on. One thing in common sa lahat ng yun ay, we love to spend! 😂 But friends, help the Philippines din. It’s okay to blend in but it would be better to be blending in for as long as we have established the habit of saving and investing. Syempre kapag nag retire tayo, we don’t want our children to shoulder our expenses and be a financial burden. We want them to fulfill their dreams and live their lives. So getting a VUL for yourself could go a long long way. From your personal win to a national win!

6.Good Start for Your Christmas Bonus – This is the best time to get a VUL for yourself because of Christmas bonuses! Aside from Christmas shopping for your families, pamangkins, inaanaks and friends, the best gift you can give to yourself and to them is a VUL. Why? If you are a breadwinner and you have mouths to feed every single day you make for a living, if something happens to you paano na sila? This is one of the selfless acts you could do for them and that is to protect your income so that if kunin ka na ni Lord, your help will not stop in achieving their dreams. Of course we are not claiming that something bad will happen to you, but uncertainties are inevitable.

7.You Are Called To Be A Blessing – Lastly, you are a blessing, remember that. And so do something today that regardless of what may happen to you in the future you will still be a blessing to them. Whether you continue to live or not, this VUL, this little portion you’ve been investing could help you and your family in the future. Do not let your bonuses go into waste. If you’re the type of person who saves money in the bank, great! I’ll help you maximize it then. If you haven’t started anything yet, this write-up could be a knock on your heart to start now and be wise today with how you manage your finances. If budget is the problem? Solusyunan natin yan. Let’s talk. I’ll help you find a way how we can start even maliit lang muna. If meron ka na, great! Let’s review and see if pwede pa mag expand to increase your coverage.

On a personal note, I’ve been praying to God to direct me to people whom He sees I can help them with this. I know, lahat tayo we need this. But siyempre as a financial advisor my desire and prayer is not just so I can add value to the lives of people but to be primarily a blessing.

Hindi ko alam kung maraming magtyatyaga sa pag basa nito but I hope I’ve given someone something to ponder about and really assess themselves with how well they handle their finances. I always tell this to my clients that God has given us the ability to produce wealth. The money, the treasures that we have are first and foremost from Him. Now the question is, are we being a good steward of His blessings for us? It is more blessed to give than to receive diba? And maybe this can be one of the best gifts you can really give hindi man para sa sarili mo lang but for your family as well. That when you experience financial freedom in the future, you’ll be more able to help those who are in need. I’ve learned that we need resources to help others as well. If we are not wise with our finances, how can we help? And my prayer for you is that aside from availing such product, see first the purpose behind it and then let’s start.

To sum everything up, why getting a VUL is one of the best Christmas gifts for yourself and for your loved ones? The best answer I could think of is so that we can be a blessing to many.😉 Sounds fulfilling diba?

Message me if you want to talk more about this kahit ang dami ko ng nasabi 😂



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