Post-Valentine’s Message to The Single and Married People ❤️

I just got something to share to the singles and married ones out there 😍

I have a friend who came up to me and said “You know what, I somehow envy you of the life you have right now. That’s what I’ve always been asking the Lord. I also want to get married and have a family soon but it seems like He is withholding that from me. I mean when will my time come?”

You know what I told her? This.

“Oh really? I’m blessed with what God has given me. But you know what, this was not the life I had originally planned. What I have in mind before I settled down was a life like yours—a career woman, a traveler to different places and nations and a business woman who is financially successful. But this is where the Lord took me. And I saw His best interest in mind and I am loving it!”

It’s so funny how we always look at other’s basket and compare the things we do not have. And this conversation opened my eyes on how contentment and gratitude plays an important role in our hearts. It helps us see God’s best for us in every season.

I keep telling this friend who is single that singleness has its own beauty. Maximize it and embrace it. I loved the singlehood season as well. It’s a gift. I had the freedom to go anywhere I want. I have no heavy financial obligations yet. I can go late at night with friends and just talk about life until dawn. I can always make myself available for any commitment without asking for anyone’s approval. (Except for my parents sometimes haha) And I used to have my weekly date nights and undivided time with the Lord.

On the other hand, marriage life is not all about having butterfiles in the stomach. It is a picture of juggling some piled up chores, responsibilities to be taken care of and the urgency to hustle for our family. It is learning to be more selfless by putting others’ needs first more than ours. It’s also sacrificing some personal wants and allocating our finances on a household budget. And it’s continually fighting our time for the Lord even in the midst of life’s demands. Is being married the sweetest? Do we still feel emotionally inlove as husband and wife despite all of these? Emotionally? Sometimes yes sometimes no BUT we learned to make it a decision to love each other every day and stay committed with one another for better or for worse, in sickness and in health and for richer or for poorer.

Thank God for His grace for He has given us the ability to adapt and create new dynamics in this season and still focus on putting Him at the center. We are a work in progress and we all are.

Same goes for you single man or woman, He is at work in your life right now. I encourage you to lift your eyes of faith and see the beauty because this season will not be forever. You may be struggling in being single and it’s okay because being married has a whole lot different and leveled up challenges. You’ll struggle more! Hahaha! Singlehood is your training ground! Embrace it! Don’t come out raw from that. Accept all the pruning stage this season has to offer then if God brings you out and get you into the next level. Congratulations! You’re now ready for a much bigger, heavier and leveled up battles. Take that as an encouragement! Hahaha

But seriously, when God promotes you to the next chapter of life I guarantee you that it’s going to be one of the most beautiful seasons as long as the Lord is your companion. Every season is beautiful when you’re journeying with the Lord. And so don’t feel pressured to settle down if it’s not yet God’s perfect time. Just enjoy God and wherever He is taking you.

And for the married ones, you know it’s not easy. But let’s hold on to God and make Him the center of our marriage, parenthood and family. Let us be reminded of His sufficient grace and His power which is made perfect in our weaknesses. Though in this life we will have more troubles as parents and as a spouse, but take heart! He has overcome the world.

Being married is not a finish line we should all race into. And being single is not an inferior ground we should all accelerate from. If we just learn how to accept our season wholeheartedly, God will show us ways on how to make the most out of it. Whether married or single, the truth is we are never left behind. God is always on track and He will use our life to be a blessing to other people.

Whatever stage of life you’re in right now, learn to love that because everything is just temporary. We’ll all soon perish and face our maker. And the only permanent relationship we’ll ever have is our relationship with the Lord. He is the only constant being as our seasons change. So partner with Him in all walks of life and allow Him to use you mightily. Remember that there is a love that has always been present and will continue to be until eternity. And that is God’s love for you and me! Let’s rest on that truth.

Married or single, we are loved! 😉❤️ Enjoy your seasons friends! 😍

Sharing with you the joy of our season 🤩

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